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Visiting Hours at Triangle Springs

Visitation Guidelines

  • Visitor must have ID in order to see patient
  • Visitor must be on patient’s list of approved visitors prior to visit
  • Limit of up to TWO (2) visitors at a time
  • Children under 17 need to have an adult present for visitation
  • Children under the age of 13 will need special accommodations to visit

Meadows A and Meadows B

Monday-Friday 7:15-8:15

Saturday- Family Education 2:45-3:30/Visitation 3:30-4:30

Sunday- 3:30-4:30


Monday-Friday 7-8pm

Saturday 3:45-4:45

Sunday- Family Education 3-3:45/Visitation 3:45-4:45


Monday-Friday 7:10-8:10

Saturday 4:30-5:30

Sunday- Family Education 3:45-4:30/Visitation 4:30-5:30